The first macroscopic insight is that Italian brands on Facebook are not yet among the subjects capable of generating more engagement: their engagement rate is 0.62% , on an average that for verified profiles and official Facebook pages is 0.53 in Italy. %. In an ideal “podium” of subjects capable of generating more engagement, in short, Italian companies would be third after celebrities (for which the average engagement rate is 0.69%) and a category of profiles that Socialinsider defines as ” Society “, corresponding to those of public figures and subjects (0.65%).

The last two categories, in particular, would have gained in engagement starting from March 2020 and with a peak in the following month, when the engagement rate would have risen to 0.85% for what the company calls ” Celebrities ” and to 0.81% for the ” Society ” profiles , perhaps also due to the lockdown and containment measures of the coronavirus contagion. With most of the people at home in quarantine,

the time spent connected has increased and therefore the time spent on social media and well-known faces of the show and various public subjects have taken the opportunity to show themselves close to their communities, participating in initiatives for #iorestoacasa for example or using their social networks to give useful advice on how to face the period.

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