How to Increase Your Profit Without Bringing a Sale


Profit is a single word which refers to an increase in revenue in comparison to the expenses. However, this term practically accounts for much more other than the extra return that comes from a sale. Profit accounts for the amount above the expenditure. Now within the umbrella of expenditure there’s plenty of things that can determine more profit. Here are a few ways in which you can increase your profit without bringing a sale.

Cutting Costs

Expenditure is the cost. Whatever you spend to attain the final product is included in expenditure. Raw material, labor, utility bills and many such factors are a part of this cost. Cutting down costs is the ultimate way to maximize your profit. For instance, while purchasing material you can try to get the maximum discount. The greater the bulk, the better the cost will be.

Cash Flow

All financial dealings should be kept in check. You should know where the money is coming from and where it’s going. Accountants provide the efficient utility of maintaining books. From upcoming expenses to all transactions, everything is in record. This allows you to make better assessments and financial decisions based on what you have. This can keep you from making unnecessary expenses, thus saving more money. Turning a blind eye towards the cash flow will result in surprises, for instance, missing a deadline of a payment or making big unnecessary expenditure.

The Outlook

One way to benefit your business is by making it attractive to the customers. To push the customers to impulsively want your product/service you need to win the monopoly. If there are retail outlets, work on ensuring that your customers enjoy a lively retailing session. The costs this will entail are nothing compared to the response and profit that will be yielded.

Additional Charges

Whether it is a loan or a bill, interest charges can really impact your finances. Having a grip on your cash flow with the expertise of accountant adelaide, you can prepare yourself to be ready to pay any upcoming bills on time. Late payments result in a fine which can reduce your profit. While considering loans find the lowest interest rate. A loan with a high interest rate will affect your profit in the long run. Make far sighted decisions according to your cash flow before taking on loans.


In your daily functioning you develop a customer base. It is important to keep a track of payments. In cases of monthly payments like that of membership charges or installments etc, it is possible to end up with delayed payments. These delayed payments once entered in your accountants record impact your profit by reducing it. Keeping a track of such payments is essential in handling finances. You can opt for preventive measures like scheduled reminders to the customers to ensure that your money reaches you in time without negatively impacting your finances. This will also help in strengthening your relationship with your customers, developing it on trust and care. 


Animals and Advertising: An Emotional Marketing Lever?

The main area in which animals are the protagonists of advertising campaigns is that of pet food and accessories. According to the Assalco Zoomark 2020 Report, the sector is riding a positive trend, recording an increase in turnover of + 2.8% compared to 2018 . ” In 2019 – said the President of Assalco Gianmarco Ferrari in the press release issued for the publication of the thirteenth Assalco Zoomark Report – the positive trend of the Italian market continued, guided in purchasing decisions by attention to the well-being of one’s pet.. For the 2020 market trend, due to the COVID-19 emergency, it is difficult to make a prediction.

The evidence in our possession shows, in the week of the national lockdown, a phase of hoarding for stock of pet food, on a par with what was done for the basic necessities of the Packaged Large Consumption for human use. Further evidence we have recorded is related to the sales channels. After the lockdown on the entire national territory, the owners turned to purchases in local shops, confirming once again the similarity between products intended for pets and those for human consumption ».

Among the traditional channels, advertising within the stores still plays a very relevant role, influencingthe 32% of the owners of cats and 28% of those dogs and passing the data relative to television (indicated respectively by 24% and 19% of respondents). Within physical stores, the display that offers the greatest feedback in terms of sales is the extradisplay , or the replica of the display of products already on the shelf in a different area of ​​the store with the aim of highlighting to the proposal conveyed.
To complete the presentation of the proposal there is the staff of the store, which in 13% of cases manages to influence the purchase by owners who have not already found information on the web or from a veterinarian. In terms of information channels,The Internet is an important source for more than five out of ten shoppers to purchase specialty foods (just think, as the report shows, that 52% of dog owners and 62% of cats are looking for information on the product to buy, but also advice, on the Net)….


The first macroscopic insight is that Italian brands on Facebook are not yet among the subjects capable of generating more engagement: their engagement rate is 0.62% , on an average that for verified profiles and official Facebook pages is 0.53 in Italy. %. In an ideal “podium” of subjects capable of generating more engagement, in short, Italian companies would be third after celebrities (for which the average engagement rate is 0.69%) and a category of profiles that Socialinsider defines as ” Society “, corresponding to those of public figures and subjects (0.65%).

The last two categories, in particular, would have gained in engagement starting from March 2020 and with a peak in the following month, when the engagement rate would have risen to 0.85% for what the company calls ” Celebrities ” and to 0.81% for the ” Society ” profiles , perhaps also due to the lockdown and containment measures of the coronavirus contagion. With most of the people at home in quarantine,

the time spent connected has increased and therefore the time spent on social media and well-known faces of the show and various public subjects have taken the opportunity to show themselves close to their communities, participating in initiatives for #iorestoacasa for example or using their social networks to give useful advice on how to face the period.